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Quit Smoking - Weight Loss - Stress Reduction


Since starting hypnosis I noticed significant changes in my personal life and physically lost close to 15 pounds and several inches.  I am wearing clothes I have not worn in quite a while, which is very exciting for me.  

Roxanne tsekudy

Hypnosis has helped me become more confident in myself and really enjoy life. I thank Darren for helping me unveil the misconceptions I had about myself. I recommend hypnosis to anybody looking for a positive change in their life. 

Kelly goorts

I started smoking when I was 18 years old and working in a factory.  I tried to quit many times and never could.  After my first treatment I walked out of the building and threw my last pack away.  I really enjoy listening to the audio recordings.  

Trisha voegeli

My goal was to be more confident in myself, so I can eliminate my panic attacks. I feel I have grown more aware of my feelings so I can control how I act and the stress in my life. 

I feel if I continue to practice these teachings I can become panic and stress free all together.  I totally believe in these techniques, they have brought me to a level I did not think I could achieve.  Thank you. 

richard haertel

 Why suffer when you can get the help you need? Get results from the comfort of your own home with online Zoom sessions. 

What can Hypnosis help with?

 Are you tired of the cost of smoking and how this bad habit seems so hard to quit?

We can help you stop!

Losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult.  Do you lose weight then gain it back. Hypnosis is successful to lose weight and keep it off.

Stress is a major problem now. Hypnosis is a great way to gain mind control  over the issues creating stress, like relationships, work, finances, etc.

How does Hypnosis work?

While you are deeply relaxed, the hypnotist makes suggestions, which are agreeable to you and about what changes you are ready to make in your life. You then visualize these changes and after the session is complete, you naturally act on the suggestion to achieve your goals. To understand the basis of hypnosis, it is important to grasp the distinction between the conscious and subconscious minds because you will be working directly with the subconscious mind.

Your Conscious Mind
  • Controls only somewhere between 2 and 4 percent of what we do.

  • Defines, articulates and sets goals.      

  • Is where imagination happens, where visions and dreams are born.

  • Takes control and gives new orders for the very short term.    

  • Does not always agree with the subconscious mind.

Your Unconscious Mind
  • Controls all your body systems (ten quadrillion reactions per second).

  • Never loses focus.

  • Maintains habits and beliefs and will make sure you act on them, even if they are dysfunctional.

  • Is the repository of all our thoughts, memories, and emotions and the power center of the brain.

  • Cannot tell the truth from a lie.

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